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Welcome to PMOAA's News Archives.  You may read all stories in our archives by clicking on the "Read Story" link in the below archive listing which will switch the display to "News Story".  To return to the archive listing, simply click on the "View Archive Listing" link on the News Story view.

If you have a news item of interest that you would like to have posted on the site, go to Contact Us page and select "Story Idea" in the subject line, enter you idea/comment and send it to our web team.

News Archives
October 2019 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 10/11/2019   Read Story
October 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 10/6/2019   Read Story
TRICARE Pharmacy Fees Set to Increase in 2020
Dateline: 10/3/2019   Read Story
September 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 9/20/2019   Read Story
Congress Passed a 2-Year Spending Deal. So Why Are We Heading Toward a Possible Shutdown?
Dateline: 9/12/2019   Read Story
TRICARE Refund Checks in the Mail For Some Military Retirees
Dateline: 9/5/2019   Read Story
Changes to Military Health Care Coming Sooner Than You Think
Dateline: 8/15/2019   Read Story
August 2019 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 8/11/2019   Read Story
TRICARE Rates Increasing in 2020: Find Out if You are Affected
Dateline: 8/8/2019   Read Story
Here's What Military Surgeons General Think of Medical Billets Cuts.
Dateline: 7/31/2019   Read Story
August 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 7/29/2019   Read Story
What Medical Cuts Could Mean for You: Watch MOAA’s Town Hall
Dateline: 7/25/2019   Read Story
July 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 7/17/2019   Read Story
VA’s Urgent Care Benefit: New Details on Prescriptions and More
Dateline: 7/4/2019   Read Story
More Disruption to Military Medicine Expected in 2019
Dateline: 7/2/2019   Read Story
Defense Spending Bills: House and Senate Versions Compared
Dateline: 6/13/2019   Read Story
June 2019 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 6/10/2019   Read Story
Big Changes to VA Care Start June 6: What You Need to Know
Dateline: 6/6/2019   Read Story
June 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 6/4/2019   Read Story
5 Defense Bill Issues to Watch
Dateline: 5/30/2019   Read Story
Deep Cuts Are Coming to Military Medicine
Dateline: 5/23/2019   Read Story
VA Care Improvements to Debut June 6
Dateline: 5/16/2019   Read Story
The Fight to Let Servicemembers Sue for Military Medical Malpractice
Dateline: 5/9/2019   Read Story
May 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 5/6/2019   Read Story
Ask Your Senator to Back Bill Improving Survivor Benefits
Dateline: 4/25/2019   Read Story
The Truth About Your TRICARE Costs
Dateline: 4/18/2019   Read Story
Storming the Hill: Why Protecting Military Pay Remains a MOAA Priority
Dateline: 4/4/2019   Read Story
April 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 4/4/2019   Read Story
Drastic Military Medical Cuts: What the Budget Says, and What It Could Mean for Your Care
Dateline: 3/28/2019   Read Story
Your Benefits, by the Numbers: Breaking Down the VA Budget
Dateline: 3/21/2019   Read Story
Learn more about MOAA’s Pet Insurance Program 🐱 🐶
Dateline: 3/18/2019   Read Story
What President Trump’s Budget Says About TRICARE
Dateline: 3/14/2019   Read Story
March 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 3/5/2019   Read Story
As More Lawmakers Back Blue Water Navy Bill, It Is Time to Make Your Voice Heard
Dateline: 2/28/2019   Read Story
Here’s How the New VA Appeals Process Works
Dateline: 2/21/2019   Read Story
February 2019 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 2/10/2019   Read Story
From VA to Afghanistan, 5 Key Takeaways from the State of the Union Address
Dateline: 2/7/2019   Read Story
February 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 2/6/2019   Read Story
Changes Coming to TRICARE’s Pharmacy Benefit
Dateline: 1/31/2019   Read Story
6 Ways President Trump Can Support Vets and Troops at This Year’s State of the Union
Dateline: 1/24/2019   Read Story
Your TRICARE Benefits Are in the Crosshairs – Again
Dateline: 1/11/2019   Read Story
The Florida Council of Chapters 2019 Convention - June 20 - 23, 2019
Dateline: 1/10/2019   Read Story
January 2019 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 1/9/2019   Read Story
MOAA Survey: We Need Your Opinion on TRICARE and Military Health Care
Dateline: 12/15/2018   Read Story
More than 1 Million Retirees May Lose Dental Coverage on Jan. 1
Dateline: 12/6/2018   Read Story
December 2018 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 12/1/2018   Read Story
December 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 11/26/2018   Read Story
VA Secretary Hints at More Changes Coming in Early 2019
Dateline: 11/8/2018   Read Story
November 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 11/2/2018   Read Story
President Trump’s Call for Budget Cuts May Affect Military Pay, TRICARE
Dateline: 11/1/2018   Read Story
MOAA President Outlines Recommendations for Future of Arlington
Dateline: 10/25/2018   Read Story
October 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 10/18/2018   Read Story
October 2018 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 10/15/2018   Read Story
The Largest Military Pay Raise in a Decade Could Come in 2020
Dateline: 10/11/2018   Read Story
45th Annual Gulf Coast Area Retired Military Seminar
Dateline: 10/1/2018   Read Story
The Outlook for TRICARE Fees in 2019
Dateline: 9/27/2018   Read Story
Congress Clears Way to Fund Largest VA Spending Bill in History
Dateline: 9/20/2018   Read Story
VA Breaks Trust With Vietnam Veterans
Dateline: 9/13/2018   Read Story
Midterm Elections Could Bring a Big Shift in Power
Dateline: 9/6/2018   Read Story
September 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 9/1/2018   Read Story
7 Big Changes in the Annual Defense Bill You Haven’t Heard Yet
Dateline: 8/31/2018   Read Story
Defense Appropriations Should Be Approved by Oct. 1
Dateline: 8/23/2018   Read Story
President Trump Enacts Pay Raise for Troops, No TRICARE Fee Increases
Dateline: 8/16/2018   Read Story
August 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 8/1/2018   Read Story
August 2018 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 8/1/2018   Read Story
MOAA President to Congress: Remove TRICARE Fee Increases from NDAA
Dateline: 7/5/2018   Read Story
July 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 7/1/2018   Read Story
June 2018 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 6/1/2018   Read Story
9 MOAA Goals Included in the Senate NDAA Markup
Dateline: 5/31/2018   Read Story
June 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 5/29/2018   Read Story
Updates on TRICARE, Pay Raise, Widows Tax and More
Dateline: 5/10/2018   Read Story
2019 Pay Raise Is a Victory, but MOAA Mission to Protect Benefits Continues
Dateline: 5/3/2018   Read Story
May 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 5/1/2018   Read Story
Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson Discusses His VA Goals With MOAA
Dateline: 4/26/2018   Read Story
Storming the Hill: Help MOAA Advocate for the Military
Dateline: 4/9/2018   Read Story
April 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 4/1/2018   Read Story
April 2018 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 4/1/2018   Read Story
FCOC 2018 Convention
Dateline: 4/1/2018   Read Story
Cruise with the President
Dateline: 3/30/2018   Read Story
Heath Care Reform for Veterans is Cut From 2018 Budget Deal
Dateline: 3/29/2018   Read Story
MOAA Presses Congress to Pass Veterans Health Care Reform
Dateline: 3/15/2018   Read Story
MOAA to Talk 2018 Goals at Congressional VA Hearing
Dateline: 3/7/2018   Read Story
March 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 3/1/2018   Read Story
February 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 2/18/2018   Read Story
February 2018 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 2/1/2018   Read Story
Jaunary 2018 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 12/29/2017   Read Story
December 2017 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 12/1/2017   Read Story
December 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 11/27/2017   Read Story
November 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 11/3/2017   Read Story
TRICARE Publishes New Changes: Beneficiaries could see increased costs next year
Dateline: 10/5/2017   Read Story
October 2017 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 10/4/2017   Read Story
October 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 10/4/2017   Read Story
Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help
Dateline: 9/2/2017   Read Story
Dateline: 9/1/2017   Read Story
September 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 8/31/2017   Read Story
Competing Priorities on Capitol Hill
Dateline: 8/14/2017   Read Story
Will TRICARE Changes Affect Your Access to Care?
Dateline: 8/4/2017   Read Story
August 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 8/1/2017   Read Story
August 2017 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 8/1/2017   Read Story
Who's Affected by the new TRICARE Changes?
Dateline: 7/24/2017   Read Story
July 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 6/30/2017   Read Story
June 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 6/1/2017   Read Story
June 2017 FCOC Council Communiqué
Dateline: 6/1/2017   Read Story
May 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 5/1/2017   Read Story
Dateline: 5/1/2017   Read Story
MOAA Storms the Hill
Dateline: 4/7/2017   Read Story
April 2017 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 4/1/2017   Read Story
April 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 4/1/2017   Read Story
Dateline: 3/31/2017   Read Story
Military Winemakers, MOAA Storms, Year in Review
Dateline: 3/31/2017   Read Story
VA Medical Workforce Needs New Hiring and Retention Script
Dateline: 3/24/2017   Read Story
MOAA Accomplished A Lot This Year
Dateline: 3/16/2017   Read Story
March 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 2/28/2017   Read Story
MOAA Legislative Update Dateline 2/24/2017
Dateline: 2/24/2017   Read Story
MOAA Legislative Update Dateline 2/17/2017
Dateline: 2/17/2017   Read Story
MOAA Legislative Update Dateline 2/10/2017
Dateline: 2/10/2017   Read Story
Send your loved one a Singing Valentine
Dateline: 2/1/2017   Read Story
February 2017 FCOC Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 2/1/2017   Read Story
February 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 1/31/2017   Read Story
Senate Armed Services Committee Makes Changes in Leadership
Dateline: 1/27/2017   Read Story
January 2017 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 1/1/2017   Read Story
December 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 12/1/2016   Read Story
December 2016 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 12/1/2016   Read Story
Two New Board of Directors officers to be voted on at December 8 Christmas Gala
Dateline: 11/23/2016   Read Story
MOAA Legislative News Update - October
Dateline: 10/28/2016   Read Story
November 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 10/28/2016   Read Story
October 2016 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 10/1/2016   Read Story
October 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 9/25/2016   Read Story
September 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 8/30/2016   Read Story
August 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 8/4/2016   Read Story
August 2016 FCOC Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 8/4/2016   Read Story
July 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 7/4/2016   Read Story
2017 Florida Council of Chapters' Convention at Sea - April 23-30
Dateline: 6/22/2016   Read Story
June 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 6/4/2016   Read Story
June 2016 FCOC Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 6/1/2016   Read Story
May 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 5/4/2016   Read Story
April 2016 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter
Dateline: 4/4/2016   Read Story
March 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 3/4/2016   Read Story
February 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 2/4/2016   Read Story
February 2016 FCOC Newsletter: The Council Communiqué
Dateline: 2/1/2016   Read Story
2016 Wounded Warrior Project Update
Dateline: 1/29/2016   Read Story
January 2016 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 1/4/2016   Read Story
December 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 12/4/2015   Read Story
December 2015 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter
Dateline: 12/1/2015   Read Story
Wreaths Across America at Barrancas National Cemetery
Dateline: 12/1/2015   Read Story
November 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 11/1/2015   Read Story
October 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 10/1/2015   Read Story
October 2015 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter
Dateline: 10/1/2015   Read Story
September 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 9/1/2015   Read Story
August 2015 Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter
Dateline: 8/1/2015   Read Story
August 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 8/1/2015   Read Story
July 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 7/1/2015   Read Story
June 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 6/1/2015   Read Story
June 2015 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 6/1/2015   Read Story
May 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 5/1/2015   Read Story
April 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 4/1/2015   Read Story
April 2015 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 4/1/2015   Read Story
March 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 3/1/2015   Read Story
February 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 2/3/2015   Read Story
February 2015 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 2/1/2015   Read Story
January 2015 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 1/3/2015   Read Story
December 2014 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 12/3/2014   Read Story
December 2014 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 12/3/2014   Read Story
November 2014 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 11/3/2014   Read Story
October 2014 PMOAA Beacon
Dateline: 10/3/2014   Read Story
October 2014 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 10/3/2014   Read Story
Naval Hospital Pensacola Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine Clinic -- 11 October 2014
Dateline: 10/2/2014   Read Story
Wreaths Across America at Barrancas National Cemetery
Dateline: 10/1/2014   Read Story
Dateline: 9/28/2014   Read Story
Scam Alert
Dateline: 9/19/2014   Read Story
September 2014 PMOAA Newsletter
Dateline: 9/8/2014   Read Story
2014 Scholarship Winners
Dateline: 8/21/2014   Read Story
August 2014 PMOAA Newsletter
Dateline: 8/4/2014   Read Story
August 2014 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 8/1/2014   Read Story
Dateline: 8/1/2014   Read Story
June 2014 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 6/2/2014   Read Story
April 2014 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 4/2/2014   Read Story
February 2014 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 2/4/2014   Read Story
December 2013 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 12/2/2013   Read Story
October 2013 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 10/1/2013   Read Story
PMOAA Scholarship Winners For 2013
Dateline: 8/22/2013   Read Story
August 2013 FCOC Newsletter
Dateline: 8/15/2013   Read Story
Dateline: 8/13/2013   Read Story
June 2013 FCOC Newsletter-Convention Issue
Dateline: 6/17/2013   Read Story
Selected Legislative Gains by MOAA in 2012
Dateline: 4/27/2013   Read Story
PMOAA Wins Colonel Marvin J. Harris Award for Best WebSite for Third Year In a Row
Dateline: 4/26/2013   Read Story
April 2013 FCOC Newsletter-FCOC Convention Issue
Dateline: 4/9/2013   Read Story
FCOC December 2012 Newsletter
Dateline: 2/11/2013   Read Story
FCOC Febriuary 2013 Newsletter
Dateline: 2/11/2013   Read Story
FCOC Publishes Bts & Pieces Weekly.
Dateline: 1/27/2013   Read Story
FCOC Covention In Sarasota, Fl June 7-9 2013
Dateline: 1/27/2013   Read Story
Dateline: 10/23/2012   Read Story
Florida Council Of Chapters Newsletter For October 2012
Dateline: 10/1/2012   Read Story
Dateline: 8/12/2012   Read Story
PMOAA Scholarship Winners Announced
Dateline: 8/8/2012   Read Story
Florida Council Of Chapters Newsletter For August 2012
Dateline: 8/2/2012   Read Story
Dateline: 7/25/2012   Read Story
Florida Council Of Chapters Newsletter For June 2012
Dateline: 6/7/2012   Read Story
Seniors Urged to Update Voter Signatures
Dateline: 5/20/2012   Read Story
PMOAA Wins Two 2011 Communications Awards
Dateline: 4/28/2012   Read Story
Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter For April 2012
Dateline: 4/5/2012   Read Story
New Information on Agent Orange From The VA
Dateline: 4/3/2012   Read Story
The March 2012 Edition of the E Newsletter from the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs
Dateline: 3/21/2012   Read Story
Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter For Feb 2012
Dateline: 2/9/2012   Read Story
Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs February 2012 Newsletter
Dateline: 2/8/2012   Read Story
R&A End of Year Bulletin
Dateline: 12/1/2011   Read Story
Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter For DEC 2011
Dateline: 11/30/2011   Read Story
Dateline: 11/22/2011   Read Story
Veterans Crisis Line Information!!
Dateline: 10/26/2011   Read Story
Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter For Oct 2011
Dateline: 10/18/2011   Read Story
Happy Hour Mammogram Event at Naval Hospital Pensacola
Dateline: 10/5/2011   Read Story
Dateline: 9/27/2011   Read Story
2011 PMOAA Scholarship Winners
Dateline: 8/9/2011   Read Story
August Edition of The Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter
Dateline: 8/2/2011   Read Story
Dateline: 7/26/2011   Read Story
June Edition of the MOAA Publication, The Affilliate
Dateline: 6/24/2011   Read Story
Florida Council of Chapters Newsletter For June 2011
Dateline: 6/23/2011   Read Story
Dateline: 6/22/2011   Read Story
July & August Beacon will be combined
Dateline: 6/2/2011   Read Story
Scholarship Award Winner Brian Koser Shares His Story
Dateline: 6/2/2011   Read Story
PMOAA Busy With JROTC/ROTC Awards!!
Dateline: 5/16/2011   Read Story
Dateline: 4/22/2011   Read Story
World War II Veterans to be honored 2 April 11
Dateline: 3/17/2011   Read Story
PMOAA Scholarship Application Process Begins!!
Dateline: 1/25/2011   Read Story
VA Processes First Claims for New Agent Orange Presumptives
Dateline: 12/18/2010   Read Story
Military Appreciation Inaugural Event
Dateline: 12/16/2010   Read Story
PMOAA Recognized in Dec FCOC Communique'
Dateline: 12/16/2010   Read Story
2011 FCOC Convention at Sea Update
Dateline: 12/15/2010   Read Story
PenFed Members Get Diiscount on FCOC Convention Cruise!!
Dateline: 12/13/2010   Read Story
Warning To All Veterans!!
Dateline: 12/1/2010   Read Story
Do You Have Or Know Someone With Mesothelioma?
Dateline: 11/23/2010   Read Story
New Feature Added to Website, Sponsors Page!
Dateline: 10/3/2010   Read Story
PMOAA wins the 2009 Five Star Excellence Award.
Dateline: 9/1/2010   Read Story
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